The Kennedy Meadows Cyber Café

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The Kennedy Meadows Cyber Café & Tom's Place (36.01°N 118.13°W Elev. 6170 ft) In 2005, Tom Figueroa started hosting injured hikers on his five acre property on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) in the heart of Kennedy Meadows. In 2007, Tom began expanding his efforts by creating The Kennedy Meadows Cyber Café. The Cyber Café has eight laptops on a DSL connection and is housed in a 1956 40' Stream Liner Trailer. The Cyber Café operates totally on the donations of the hikers and others that may be staying in the surrounding Kennedy Meadows campgrounds.

In 2009, Tom started the hiking season by taking the Cyber Café laptops to Lake Morena in San Diego, CA. for the hiking season kickoff.  After much success with that, Tom decided to spread a little more trail magic and took the laptops to Onion Valley and then head on up to Independence to join the other hikers for the 4th of July celebration.

Trail magic doesn’t stop there for Tom; he also provides assistance to the hikers and their families that hike the PCT and pass through Kennedy Meadows. He has a number of vintage trailers that are available or you can just pitch a tent as there is plenty of dirt.

Here I am at my place (Tom's Place - Kennedy Meadows) Tom - trail angel - Kennedy Meadows

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Hammocks and chairs - Tom's place - Kennedy MeadowsHammocks and chairs - Tom's place - Kennedy Meadows

Tom's place - Kennedy MeadowsTom's place - Kennedy Meadows

Hiker's Tents - Tom's place

Hikers' tents - Tom's place - Kennedy Meadows

Tom's Place - Kennedy MeadowsTom's place - Kennedy Meadows

Billy Goat at Tom's Cyber Cafe - Kennedy MeadowsBilly Goat in Tom's Cyber Cafe - Kennedy Meadows

Tomís Place and Kennedy Meadows General Store

June 30, 2010 by Daniel Yacykewych

This is Tomís Place. It came as a complete surprise to me. If there was something other than the general store in 2006, I never knew it. In 1996, it was only the store. Sometime between 1996 and 2006, Tom agreed to house injured hikers on his property. He probably was unaware of the waves of thru-hikers that would crave the same shelter and related comforts. So Tom bought all these campers and made this into hiker central. I met him. Thatís him in the photo with the dog. He had been working hard with some other guys dooms some trailer demonition, and was totally cool when I interrupted his lunch. He was about as down-to-earth as one can be. Some people have a tendency to expect a thank you for the good they bestow on others. Tom didnít. He left a great impression on me.

My 5000 Mile Summer

June 1, 2010 by Yellowstoner22

Here at Tom's place in Kennedy Meadows things are much more relaxing. A perfect place for a zero day before heading into the cold snow covered high Sierras. Tom's place is just a minute's walk from the small general store. There isn't much more to Kennedy Meadows than Tom's and the store. Tom's mini trailer park sits on a sandy dirt hill coming down from the road on about 2 acres. His front yard is home to a large shady Jeffery Pine tree with hikers floating in hammocks. Several picnic tables and couches are also occupied with tired hikers outside on the deck of Tom's Cyber Cafe. The Cyber Cafe is where I'm typing from now. It is a roomy silver airstream trailer with four computers with Internet and a land line phone. Along with trailer there are many other small campers and pop-up trailers in Tom's backyard for us hikers to stay in overnight. Each with anywhere's from one to three beds. Tom also has a outdoor kitchen, or food shack where we all enjoyed spaghetti with meat sauce last night and pancakes this morning. All that Tom offers at his place is free for us hikers with donations accepted. Extremely nice and easy going trail angel.

Songbird sings the PCT song at Tom's Place 2009